Handmade Enrichment Snuffles

Maximize Your Dog's/ Pet's Fun and Mental Stimulation with our Snuffle Enrichment Mats, Balls, Kebab and tugs.

Can help with stress, anxiety, calming, releasing happy hormones. Encouraging natural behaviours.

Use as a general training aids & reward. Boredom buster, and puppy down time.

Various sizes, Colours and patterns

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Natural Dog Treats

We have a great variety of Natural treats to keep your dogs tails happy.

We all want the best for our doggies and our goodies are some of the best around.

Grain Free, No additives, Great protein source.

No hidden Nasties {raw hide} in site.

Single treats, Bags, Bundle packs, Variety boxes.

We have all your dogs covered with delicious healthy natural treats from puppies to seniors.

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